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Symbolic interaction and new social media

Mark D. Johns (Editor), Shing-Ling Chen (Editor), Laura A. Terlip (Editor)
This volume builds on and expands the existing symbolic interactionist perspective to include the study of social interaction made possible by the use of new social media
eBook, English, 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, 2014
1 online resource (236 pages)
9781783509324, 1783509325
Front Cover; Symbolic Interaction and New Social Media; Copyright Page; Contents; Dedication; List of Contributors; When McLuhan Met Simmel: Form is the Content, Medium is the Message; References; From Object to Flow: Network Sensibility, Symbolic Interactionism, and Social Media; From Network Analysis to Network Sensibilities; Network Sensibilities as Generative Tool; Shifting from Objects to Flows; From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern: Highlighting the Ethics of Network Sensibilities; Conclusion; Notes; References. Social Network Analysis for Facebook: Locating Cliques and Visualizing SociabilityRelational Data; Sociogram and Visualization; Sociability on Facebook; SI and SNA; References; Appendix: Essential SNA Concepts; New Iowa School Redux: Second Life as Laboratory; New Iowa School Laboratory and Web 1.0; New Iowa School Laboratory and Web 2.0; Virtual, Not Actual, But Real; The Bias of Communication; References; Mutable selves and digital reflexivities: Social media for social change in the Middle East and North Africa; Critical Emotional Events; Locating Online Activism. Symbolic Convergence/Media ConvergencePresentation of the Activist Self; Applying a Framework of Digital Reflexivity in Communication Flow; Digitally Reflexive Mutable Selves; "We are all ... "; Notes; References; Structural Roles in Massively Multiplayer Online Games: A Case Study of Guild and Raid Leaders in World of Warcraft; Roles and the World of Warcraft; Methods; Findings; Conclusion; Notes; References; (Re)Embodiment of the Digital Self and First Life Body in a New Social Media Environment: Paid Sex Work in Second Life; Scripting Computer-Mediated Sex in a Consumer Society; Methods. Findings: Dramaturgy, Commodified Virtual Bodies, and Re-embodimentDiscussion; Notes; References; Surfing to an Alternative Self: Internet Technology and Sexuality among "Married Straight Homosexual Men"; Surfing to an Alternative Self; Technology, Subjectivity, and Existential Alternatives; Research Design and Methods; Findings: A New Category, Negotiations, an Alternative Closet and Secrets; Discussion: Technology, Virtuality, Existential Inventions, and Alternative Selves; Notes; References; Part I: New empirical studies. "The Wall is the City": A narrative analysis of Vancouver's post-riot "Apology Wall"Introduction; Method; Results; Discussion and Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; Author Biographies St. Augustine Campus Access Campus and remote access