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Fashion theory : an introduction

"Books that explain and analyse the nature, production and consumption of fashion are very fashionable at present. Fashion is explained in terms of the body, or fetish, or gender or culture. Slightly less fashionable, it seems, are introductory books on the theories of fashion. All explanations and analyses of fashion presupposed at least one theory (of gender, or class, for example) and all apply some theory to the material they cover, but few take the time to explain those theories. This introduction to fashion theory surveys and contextualises the ways in which a wide range of disciplines (including sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, fashion history, gender studies and cultural history) have used different theoretical approaches to explain, and sometimes to explain away, the astonishing variety, complexity and beauty of fashion. Themes covered include individual, social and gender identity, clothes and the body, the erotic, consumption and communication. This introduction looks at some of the most influential and important theories on fashion bringing to light the presuppositions involved in the things we think and say about fashion."-
Print Book, English, 2014
Routledge, London, 2014
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1. Introduction 2. Fashion and Fashion Theories 3. What Fashion Is and Is Not 4. What Fashion and Clothing Do 5. Fashion and/in History 6. Fashion as Communication 7. Fashion, Identity and Difference 8. Fashion, Clothes and the Body 9. Fashion Production and Consumption 10. Modern and Postmodern Fashion 11. Globalization and Colonialism 12. Fashion and (the) Image 13. Fashion, Fetish and the Erotic 14. Conclusion