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Child slaves in the modern world

Child Slaves in the Modern World is the second of two volumes that examine the distinctive uses and experiences of children in slavery in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
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Child slaves in the era of abolition
Benjamin N. Lawrance, "All we want is make us free" : the voyage of la amistad's children through the worlds of the illegal slave trade
Gwyn Campbell, Children and bondage in imperial Madagascar, ca. 1790/1895
Cecily Jones, Youthful rebels : young people, agency, and resistance against colonial slavery in the British Caribbean plantation world
Sue Taylor, Family strategies : slave parents and children in the Caracas courts, 1750/1854
Nara Milanich, Degrees of bondage: children's tutelary servitude in modern Latin America
Martin Klein, Children and slavery in the western Sudan
Bernard Moitt, Slavery and guardianship in postemancipation Senegal : colonial legislation and minors in Tutelle, 1848/1905
Trevor R. Getz, British magistrates and unfree children in early colonial gold coast, 1874/1899
William G. Clarence-Smith, The redemption of child slaves by christian missionaries in central Africa, 1878/1914
Child slaves in the modern era
Jonathan Blagbrough, "This is nothing but slavery": child domestic labor in the modern context
Philip Whalen and Malika Id' Salah, Girls as domestic slaves in contemporary France
Zosa de Sas Kropiwnicki, Strategic agents : adolescent prostitutes in Cape Town, South Africa
Sarah Maguire, Children, slavery, and soldiering
Mike Dottridge, Contemporary child slavery