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Appropriating the discourse of social justice in teacher education

"Appropriating the Discourse of Social Justice in Teacher Education is a testimony to that kind of authentic reform. It documents the transformational efforts of a teacher education program that infused the preparation of its teachers with a vision of education as a public good. This book validates the claim that the process of reproduction of social inequalities in teacher education is not a perfect, static process, but on the contrary, the real "seeds of transformation" within teacher education departments are abundant"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2015
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Maryland, 2015
xiv, 107 pages ; 24 cm
9781607097440, 9781607097457, 1607097443, 1607097451
Chapter 1. Conducting Ethnography in Teacher Education
An Emic Viewpoint and my Insider Role
Critical Ethnography
Book Organization and Format
Chapter 2. Critical Educational Theory
The New Sociology of Education
Critical Pedagogy
Theory of Hegemony and Social Reproduction: Hegemony, Ideology and the Economy
Theory of Resistance and Social Transformation
Transformative Practices
Chapter 3. The Ideological Predicament of Teacher Education
The Ideological State Apparatus
Unmasking the Conservative Nature of Teacher Education
Teachers as Transformative Intellectuals
Other Attempts to Transform Teacher Education
Chapter 4. The Teacher Education Program at Laurel Canyon University
Section I. The Town, the University
Section II. Kristine and the Old-White Boys Club
Section III. Samantha, the Assistant Professor
Section IV. Teresa, the Diversity Faculty
Section V. Vincent, the Teacher Education Faculty
Chapter V. The Journey to Transform Teacher Education: Samantha's Return
Section I. Initiating the Transformation
Section II. Patrick, the Math Faculty
Section III. The Philosophy of the Teacher Education Program
Section IV. The Curriculum and the Method Courses at Laurel Canyon Teacher Preparation
Section V. Teaching Practices
Section VI. Teachers as Reflective Researchers
Chapter VI. What Went Wrong? The Accountability Movement Arrived at the College of Education
Section I. The Two Assistant Directors: The Politics of Race
Section II. The Realignment of the Conservative Forces to Take Control of Teacher Education
Section III. Preparing Administrators and Teachers to Work in an Era of Accountability
Section IV. Breaking Down Samantha's Support System. The Dismantling of Cabrillo Elementary School
Section V. The Disintegration of the Teacher Education Program
Section VI. Repacking of Teacher Preparation into a New Neoliberal Format
Chapter VII. Analyzing the Efforts to Transform the Teacher Education Culture
What Could Samantha Have Done Differently?
Lessons from Teresa's Departure
The Successes and Contradictions of the Changes at LCU' Teacher Preparation Program
Reflections on the Appropriation of Multiculturalism and Social Justice in Teacher Education
Can the Culture of Teacher Education Really be Transformed?
Chapter VIII. Reflections and Implications of this Study for Teacher Education
The Misappropriation of Diversity and Social Justice
Immediate Radical Tactics, Short Term Radical Approaches, and Long Term Strategies
Recommendations for Faculty
Recommendations to Reexamine the Culture of Teacher Preparation