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A rabbinic anthology

C. G. Montefiore (Editor), H. Loewe (Editor)
A Rabbinic anthology is a compendium of all those passages in the Talmudic and Midrashic literature that bear on the nature of God, the Law, virtue, prayer, faith, sin, charity, the Messiah, the Last Judgment. It also illuminates rabbinic attitudes toward family, asceticism, hospitality, courtesy, and peace. In short, it is an invaluable and nearly inexhaustible collection containing thousands of stories, parables, and statements of the rabbis. In addition, the editors offer incisive interpretations of the material, and the appendices on rabbinic texts , the glossary, and the detailed indexes contribute to make this the indispensable book of rabbinic source materials for the student. (Back cover)
Print Book, English, 1974
Schocken Books, New York, 1974
Translations into English
cviii, 853 pages ; 24 cm.
9780805235395, 9780805204421, 0805235396, 0805204423
The nature and character of God and his relations with man
God's love for Israel
Man's nature and God's grace
Israel's love for God
The law
Study, practice and goodness
The commandments, the Sabbath, and the law
Reward, merit and atonemnet
Divine mercy and divine judgement, idolatry, martyrdom
The importance of motive or intention
THe doctrine of the evil inclination
Man's repentance and God's compassion
Hope and faith ; Miracles
On prayer
Justice, honesty, truth in oaths
On charity
On industry and independance: on poverty and riches
Hospitality, courtesy and good manners
Pity, forgivness and love
On humility and pride
Various ethical conceptions
The family: father and mother
The family: the wife
The family: children
The life in comparison with the next life
On sufferings
The gentiles
On proselytes
The life to come: resurection and judgement
Reprint of the 1938 ed. published by Macmillan, London; with new prolegomenon