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Dental Radiography : Principles and Techniques

Providing essential coverage of dental radiography principles and complete technical instruction, Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques, 4th Edition, is your key to the safe, effective use of radiation in the dental office. The first ever full-color dental radiography resource, this combination of a textbook and a training manual guides you step-by-step through common procedures, with accompanying illustrations, case studies, and interactive exercises to help you apply what you've learned to practice. A concise, straightforward writing style makes complex concepts more accessible and
eBook, English, 2013
Elsevier Health Sciences, London, 2013
1 online resource (484 pages)
9780323291293, 0323291295
Front cover; Evolve page; Dental Radiography; Copyright page; Dedication; Reviewers; Preface; About This Edition; New to This Edition; About EVOLVE; For the Student; For the Instructor; From the Authors; Acknowledgements; Table of contents; Part I Radiation Basics; chapter 1 Radiation History; Outline; Learning Objectives; Key terms; Dentistry and X-Radiation; Basic Terminology; Importance of Dental Radiographs; Discovery of X-Radiation; Roentgen and the Discovery of X-rays; Earlier Experimentation; Pioneers in Dental X-Radiation; History of Dental X-Ray Equipment. History of Dental X-Ray FilmHistory of Dental Radiographic Techniques; Summary; Bibliography; Quiz Questions; Matching; Essay; chapter 2 Radiation Physics; Outline; Learning Objectives; Key Terms; Fundamental Concepts; Atomic and Molecular Structure; Atomic Structure; Nucleus.; Electrons.; Molecular Structure; Ionization, Radiation, and Radioactivity; Ionization; Radiation and Radioactivity; Ionizing Radiation; Particulate Radiation; Electromagnetic Radiation; Particle Concept.; Wave Concept.; X-Radiation; X-Ray Machine; Component Parts; Control Panel; Extension Arm; Tubehead; X-Ray Tube. Leaded-Glass HousingCathode; Anode; X-Ray Generating Apparatus; Electricity and Electrical Currents; Circuits; Transformers; Production of X-Radiation; Production of Dental X-Rays; Types of X-Rays Produced; General Radiation; Characteristic Radiation; Definitions of X-Radiation; Interactions of X-Radiation; No Interaction; Absorption of Energy and Photoelectric Effect; Compton Scatter; Coherent Scatter; Summary; Bibliography; Quiz Questions; Multiple Choice; Identification; Multiple Choice; Identification; Multiple Choice; chapter 3 Radiation Characteristics; Outline; Learning Objectives. Key TermsX-Ray Beam Quality; Voltage and Kilovoltage; Kilovoltage Peak; Density and Kilovoltage Peak; Contrast and Kilovoltage Peak; Exposure Time and Kilovoltage Peak; X-Ray Beam Quantity; Amperage and Milliamperage; Milliampere-Seconds; Density and Milliamperage; Exposure Time and Milliamperage; X-Ray Beam Intensity; Kilovoltage Peak; Milliamperage; Exposure Time; Distance; Inverse Square Law; Half-Value Layer; Summary; Bibliography; Quiz Questions; Multiple Choice; chapter 4 Radiation Biology; Outline; Learning Objectives; Key Terms; Radiation Injury; Mechanisms of Injury; Ionization. Free Radical FormationTheories of Radiation Injury; Direct Theory; Indirect Theory; Dose-Response Curve; Stochastic and Nonstochastic Radiation Effects; Sequence of Radiation Injury; Determining Factors for Radiation Injury; Radiation Effects; Short-Term and Long-Term Effects; Somatic and Genetic Effects; Radiation Effects on Cells; Radiation Effects on Tissues and Organs; Radiation Measurements; Units of Measurement; Exposure Measurement; Dose Measurement; Dose Equivalent Measurement; Measurements Used in Dental Radiography; Radiation Risks; Sources of Radiation Exposure
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