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Political theory without borders

Robert E. Goodin (Editor), James S. Fishkin (Editor)
eBook, English, 2015
John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK, 2015
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9781119110101, 9781119110118, 9781119110132, 9781119110088, 1119110106, 1119110114, 1119110130, 1119110084
Political theory without borders : an introduction / Robert E. Goodin and James S. Fishkin
To prevent a world wasteland / George F. Kennan
Two kinds of climate justice : avoiding harm and sharing burdens / Simon Caney
The human right to water and common ownership of the earth / Mathias Risse
Tax competition and global background justice / Peter Dietsch and Thomas Rixen
Sovereign debt, human rights and policy conditionality / Christian Barry
Justice in the diffusion of innovation / Allen Buchanan, Tony Cole and Robert O. Keohane
From migration in geographic space to migration in biographic time : views from europe / Claus Offe
On citizenship, states and markets / Ayelet Shachar and Ran Hirschl
Colonialism as structural injustice : historical responsibility and contemporary redress / Catherine Lu
The judging of nations / Clifford Geertz
From humanitarian intervention to the responsibility to protect / Gareth Evans
The misuse of power, not bad representation : why it is beside the point that no one elected Oxfam / Jennifer C. Rubenstein
Includes index