Front cover image for Transgender studies quarterly. Volume 3, Numbers 1-2, Trans/Feminisms

Transgender studies quarterly. Volume 3, Numbers 1-2, Trans/Feminisms

Susan Stryker (Editor), Talia Mae Bettcher (Editor)
"TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly offers a high-profile venue for innovative research and scholarship that contest the objectification, pathologization, and exoticization of transgender lives. It publishes interdisciplinary work that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality, embodiment, and identity in ways that have not been adequately addressed by feminist and queer scholarship. Its mission is to foster a vigorous conversation among scholars, artists, activists, and others that examines how "transgender" comes into play as a category, a process, a social assemblage, an increasingly intelligible gender identity, an identifiable threat to gender normativity, and a rubric for understanding the variability and contingency of gender across time, space, and cultures. Major topics addressed in the first few issues include the cultural production of trans communities, critical analysis of transgender population studies, transgender biopolitics, radical critiques of political economy, and problems of translating gender concepts and practices across linguistic communities"--Publisher's website
Print Book, English, 2016
Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2016
329 pages : black and white illustrations ; 26 cm
9780822368489, 082236848X
General Editor's Introduction / Paisley Currah
Introduction: Trans/Feminisms / Susan Stryker and Talia M. Bettcher
Trans Men Engaging, Reforming, and Resisting Feminisms / Miriam J. Abelson
An Affinity of Hammers / Sara Ahmed
Transfeminist Genealogies in Spain / Aitzole Araneta and Sandra Fernández Garrido
Francophone Trans/Feminisms: Absence, Silence, Emergence / Alexandre Baril
Pregnancy: Reproductive Futures in Trans of Color Feminism / micha cárdenas
Transmasculine Insurgency: Masculinity and Dissidence in Feminist Movements in México / Daniel Brittany Chávez
Of Huachafería, Así, and M' e Mati: Decolonizing Transing Methodologies / Pedro Javier DiPietro
Hacking the Body: A Transfeminist War Machine / Lucía Egaña and Miriam Solá
One-Eyed Dog / A. Finn Enke
Transfeminism: Something Else, Somewhere Else / Karine Espineira and Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier
Pauli Murray's Peter Panic: Perspectives from the Margins of Gender and Race in Jim Crow America / Simon D. Elin Fisher
Transfeminist Crossroads: Reimagining the Ecuadorian State / Claudia Sofía Garriga-López
Passing Torches?: Feminist Inquiries and Trans-Health Politics and Practices / Christoph Hanssmann
Women-Identified Women: Trans Women in 1970s Lesbian Feminist Organizing / Emma Heaney
Birth of Transfeminism in Brazil: Between Alliances and Backlashes / Hailey Kaas
On Being the Object of Compromise / Cael M. Keegan
Khwaja Sira Activism: The Politics of Gender Ambiguity in Pakistan / Faris A. Khan
The Emergence of Transfeminism in Russia: Opposition from Cisnormative Feminists and Trans* People / Yana Kirey-Sitnikova
From Queering to Trans*imagining: Sookee's Trans*/Feminist Hip-Hop / Terence Kumpf
Reading Trans Biology as a Feminist Sociologist / Riki Lane
Conditions of Critique: Responding to Indigenous Resurgence within Gender Studies / Scott L. Morgensen
Discussing Transnormativities through Transfeminism: Fifth Note / Ruin
Looking Back on "Queering the Center" / Naomi Scheman
Transfeminism and Decolonial Thought: The Contribution of Brazilian Travestis / Joseli Maria Silva and Marcio Jose Ornat
Trans*feminist Intersections / reese simpkins
Broadening the Gendered Polis: Italian Feminist and Transsexual Movements, 1979
1982 / Stefania Voli
The Woman Question / Lori Watson
Radical Inclusion: Recounting the Trans Inclusive History of Radical Feminism / Cristan Williams
Reconstructing the Transgendered Self as a Feminist Subject: Trans/feminist Praxis in Urban China / Shana Ye
Mortal Life of Trans/Feminism: Notes on "Gender Killings" in Turkey / Aslı Zengin
African Trans Feminist Charter
A Collective Editorial / The Tide Collective
Radical Queen: An Interview with Tommi Avicolli Mecca / Susan Stryker
A Conversation with Jeanne Córdova / Talia M. Bettcher
Another Dream of Common Language: An Interview with Sandy Stone / Susan Stryker
Unapologetically Rain: Interview with Fashion Model Rain Dove Dubilewski / Tania Hammidi
She Ain't Taking It: Interview with Suit Consultant Vanessa Craig / Tania Hammidi
Venezuelan Beauties [Review of: Queen for a day: transformistas, beauty queens, and the performance of femininity in Venuzuela, by Marcia Ochoa] / José Quiroga
Still Here: Gender, Ballroom, and HIV/AIDS [review of Butch queens up in pumps: gender, performance, and ballroom culture in Detroit, by Marlon Bailey / Rinaldo Walcott
Rearward Trajectories [review of A view from the bottom: Asian American masculinity and sexual representation, by Nguyen Tan Hoang] / Helen Hok-Sze Leung
Dated: May 2016