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The debatabase book : a must-have guide for successful debate

eBook, English, 2011
International Debate Education Association, New York, 2011
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9781617700224, 1617700223
Abortion on Demand
Abortion, Parental Notification/Consent
Advertising, Image of Women in
Affirmative Action
Age Discrimination
AIDS Drugs for Developing Countries
Alternatively Fueled Cars, Government Incentives for
Animal Rights
Arizona�s Immigration Law
Assisted Suicide
Biodiversity and Endangered Species
Bla sphemy, Criminalizing
Capital Punishment
Cell Phones, Banning of Use in Cars
Censorship of the Arts
Child Labor Child Offenders, Stricter Punishment forChild Soldiers, Prosecution of for War Crimes
Civil Disobedience
Climate Change: Regula tions vs. Market Mechanism in Dealing with
Coal, Use of
Condoms in Schools
Corporation Rights During Elections
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corruption, Benefits of
Creationism in Public Schools
Cuba, Dropping of US Sanctions on
Cultural Treasures, Return of
Curfew Law s
Deep-sea Drilling
Developing World Debt, Cancellation of
DNA Database for Criminals
Drinking Age, Lowering Driving Age, IncreasingDrones, Use of in Warfare
Drugs in Sports
Drug Testing in Schools
Economic Development vs. Environment
Economic Sanctions vs. Engagement
Electoral College, Abolition of
Environmentally Linked Aid
Extraordinary Rendition
Fac tory Farming, Banning of
Free Speech, Restrictions on
Free Trade and Development
Gay Marriage
Gays in the Military
Gene Patenting
Genetically Modified Foods
Genetic Privac y/Ethics in Medical Research
Genetic Screening
Globalization and the Poor Global WarmingGod, Existence of
Greenhouse Gases: Trading Quotas
Gun Control
Habeas Corpus, Restrictions on
Hate Speech on Campus
Homemakers, Paid for Their Work?
Human Organs, Sale of
Human Rights: Existence of
Human Rights: Imposition by Force?
Instant Repla y in Sports
Internet Censorship
Internment Without Trial
Iran�s Right to Possess Nuclear Weapons
Islam and Democra y
Israel and the Palestinians, US Policy Toward
Ivory Trading
Judges, Electing
Just War
Landmines, US Production and Use of Local Food MovementMandatory Sentencing: Three Strikes
Marijuana, Legalization of
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays: Should the Religious Nature of Christmas Be Downplayed?
Multiculturalism vs. Integration
National Testing
Nuclear vs. Renewable Energy
Overpopulation and Contraception
Overseas Manufacturing
Parentage, Right to Know
Parental Responsibility
Politicians and Special Interests
Pornography, Banning of
Preventive War
Priestly Celibacy, Abolition of
Privac y vs. Security