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Globalization, Culture, and Education in South Asia Critical Excursions

Dip Kapoor (Author), Bijoy P. Barua (Contributor), Al-Karim Datoo (Contributor)
Relying on a blend of policy, critical-theoretical and practice-based perspectives, describes and critically analyze key trends in the region, while pointing out new directions pertaining to future developments in education and culture in South Asia in relation to the contradictory implications of globalization in both urban and rural contexts
eBook, English, 2014
Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2014
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9781137006875, 9781137007568, 1137006870, 1137007567
Globalization, Culture, and Education in South Asia: Critical Excursions; D.Kapoor , B.Barua , & Al.K.Datoo PART I: GLOBALIZATION, CULTURE, AND EDUCATION: URBAN PRIORITIES AND PERSPECTIVES AND FORMAL EDUCATIONAL CONTEXTS Indian Higher Education and the Dynamics of Global Collaborations; F.Rizvi & R.Gorur The Global Education Policy Field and National Education Policy-making in Pakistan; S.Ali Neoliberal Globalization and Higher Education in Bangladesh; T.Tasnima & E.Haque The World Bank, Community Schooling, and School-based-management: A Political Economy of Educational Decentralization in Nepal; T.Pherali Global/Colonial Designs, School Knowledge Production, and Students' Cultural Identities: A Critical Ethnographic Perspective from Pakistan; A.K.Datoo Neoliberal Globalization and Pre-primary Teacher Education Policy and Practice in India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives; A.Gupta Rights and Resistance: The Limits and Promise of Human Rights Education in India; M.Bajaj & B.Kuruvila PART II: GLOBALIZATION, CULTURE, AND EDUCATION: RURAL PRIORITIES AND PERSPECTIVES AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL CONTEXTS The Barua Community, Globalization, and Colonial Education: The Quest for Socio-cultural Identity in Bangladesh; B.Barua Performing and Politicizing Education in West Bengal, India; D.D.Costa Colonization to Decolonization: Resistances to Assaults on Traditional Agriculture; A.T.Sayeed Globalizing Capitalism: Accumulation by Dispossession and the Specter of Subaltern Social Movement (SSM) Activism and Anti-colonial Pedagogies in Rural India; D.Kapoor