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Employee ownership and shared capitalism : new directions in research

Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism illuminates shared capitalism's complexity as an organizational, psychological, sociological, and economic phenomenon that requires deep interdisciplinary understanding.
Print Book, English, 2011
Labor and Employment Relations Association, Champaign (IL), 2011
346 p. ; 22 cm
9780913447031, 091344703X
Chapter 1. Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism: Assessing the Experience, Research, and Policy Implicationsby Edward J. CarberrySection I: Organized Labor and Shared CapitalismChapter 2. Solidarity and Sharing: Unions and Shared Capitalism by John E. McCarthy, Paula Voos, Adrienne.E. Eaton, Douglas L. Kruse, and Joseph R. BlasiChapter 3. Improving the Quality of Home Health Aide Jobs: A Collaboration between Organized Labor and a Worker Cooperativeby Daphne Perkins Beny and Stu SchneiderChapter 4. Shared Capitalism, Corporate Disclosure, and Management's Incentive to Signal a Positive Outlookby Francesco BovaSection II: New Theoretical and Empirical ApproachesChapter 5. Employee Ownership, Democratic Control, and Working-Class Empowermentby Joan S. M. MeyersChapter 6. An Empirical Analysis of Risk Preferences, Compensation Risk, and Employee Outcomes by Fidan Ana Kurtulus, Douglas L. Kruse, and Joseph R. BlasiChapter 7. Employee Ownership and Corporate Performance: Toward Unlocking the Black Boxby Marco CaramelliChapter 8. The Determinants and Consequences of Broad-Based Stock Option Plans: The View from Economics and Financeby Serdar Aldatmaz and Paige OuimetSection Ill: Assessing the Experience of Shared Capitalism in Different National ContextsChapter 9. Assessing Mondragon: Stability and Managed Change in the Face of Globalizationby Saioa Arando, Fred Freundlich, Monica Gago, Derek C. Jones, and Takao KatoChapter 10. Ohio's ESOP Companies Through Two Decades: Growing Up or Growing Old?by John Logue and Jacquelyn YatesChapter 11. Employee Ownership in Britain: Diverse Forms, Diverse Antecedentsby Andrew PendletonAbout the Contributors