Front cover image for The middle schoolers' debatabase : 75 current controversies for debaters

The middle schoolers' debatabase : 75 current controversies for debaters

An invaluable resource for middle school debaters, this book provides background, arguments and resources on 75 debate topics in areas as diverse as business, science and technology, environment, politics, religion, culture and education
eBook, English, 2011
International Debate Education Association, New York, 2011
1 online resource (290 pages)
9781617700767, 1617700762
Preface; Introduction to Debate; Debate Topics; Adoptions, International; Airline Passengers, Pay by Weight; Animal Testing; Art Subsidies, Government; Cell Phones in Schools; Cell Phones while Driving; Charter Schools; Cigarettes, Ban; Cloning; Contraceptives in Schools; Copenhagen Accord; Death Penalty; Defense Spending, Cut; Die with Dignity, Right to; Draft, Military; Dress Codes in Schools; Drilling for Oil in Parks and Preserves; Driving Age; Drug Testing in Schools; Electoral College; Environmental Standards, Differing; Factory Farming, Banning; Farm Subsidies. Fashion Models, Size ZeroFederal Student Aid; Felon Disenfranchisement; Gas Guzzlers, Ban; Genetically Modified Foods; Gentrification; Health Care, Universal; Health Courses for Students; International Baccalaureate; Junk Food Tax; Juvenile Offenders in Adult Courts; Letter Grades; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Meat, Eating; Metric System, Adopting; Minimum Wage; Movie Rating System; National High School Graduation Exam; No Child Left Behind; Non-standard English in Schools; Nuclear Power, U.S. Switch to; Official Language, English as; Oil Dependency, Ending Foreign; Penny, Abolish the. Physical Education, MandatoryPlastic Bags, Banning; Pledge of Allegiance in Schools; Presidents, Non-native; Puerto Rican Statehood; Rap Music; Restaurants, Ban All-you-can-eat Establishments; Right to Know; School Day, Length of; Schools, Year-round; Second Amendment; Single-sex Schools; Smokers, Government Benefits and; Space Program; Spanish Mandatory in Schools; Sports in Schools; Swimming Pools, Private; Term Limits; Terrorists, Negotiate with; Torture; Trans Fats, Ban; U.N. Headquarters; U.N. Security Council; Video Games; Voting, Mandatory; Wiretaps, Warrantless. Zero Tolerance in SchoolsZoos; Index Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library