Front cover image for Civic engagement and community service at research universities : engaging undergraduates for social justice, social change and responsible citizenship

Civic engagement and community service at research universities : engaging undergraduates for social justice, social change and responsible citizenship

Krista M. Soria (Editor), Tania D. Mitchell (Editor)
"This book outlines how undergraduate students engage with civic and community projects and how this can be encouraged by universities. It also explores how universities can build on this involvement and develop undergraduates' civic and democratic capacities, including programmatic strategies and conceptual frameworks for understanding the students' activities. As higher education across the globe experiences increasing student numbers it is important to understand how students engage with civic and community service"-- Page 4 of cover
Print Book, English, 2016
Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016
xviii, 269 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
9781137553119, 1137553111
Introduction: Developing Undergraduates’Civic Capabilities: The Unique Contributions of American Public ResearchUniversities; KristaM. Soria, Tania D. Mitchell, and June Nobbe. - Part1: Institutional Conditions Framing Undergraduates’ Civic and CitizenshipEngagement at Research Universities. - 1. Civic Attitudes Developmentamong Undergraduate Students at American Research Universities: An Examinationby Student Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status; YoungK. Kim, Marla A. Franco, and Liz A. Rennick. -2. Creating the Conditions forPolitical Engagement: A Narrative Approach for Community-Engaged Scholarshipand Civic Leadership Development; BrandonW. Kliewer and Kerry L. Priest. - 3. Civic and Community EngagementImpact on Economically Disadvantaged Students; VictoriaPorterfield. - 4. Community Service andService-Learning at Large, Public Research Universities; Jeremy L. Williams, Krista M. Soria, and Claire Erickson. - 5.  Redefining Civic Engagement: ADevelopmental Model of Students’ Civic-Related Capabilities; LuisPonjuan, Cynthia Alcantar, and Krista M. Soria. - Part 2:Undergraduates’ Participation in Community Service and Service-Learning:Involvement and Outcomes. - 6. Civic Attitudes and the Undergraduate Experience; Gary R.Kirk and Jacob Grohs. - 7. Modeling the Influence of Service-Learning onAcademic and Sociocultural Gains: Findings from a Multi-Institutional Study; Andrew Furco, Daniel Jones-White,Ronald Huesman, Jr., and Laura Gorny. - 8. Pluralistic Outcomes Associated with Undergraduates’Citizenship Development; Krista M. Soria,Matthew Johnson, and Tania D. Mitchell. - 9. Belonging and Satisfaction of Service-Minded Students at AmericanResearch Universities; Teniell L. Trolian,Sarah SanGiovanni, and Wayne Jacobson. - Part 3: EngagingUndergraduates for Social Justice and Social Change: Critical Perspectives onStudents’ Civic Engagement. - 10. Realizing a Critical Framework forService-Learning at an American Public Research University; Douglas Barrera, KealiʻiKukahiko, Lauren N. Willner, Kathy O’Byrne. - 11. Implementing Wingspread at theUniversity of Virginia: Culture, Crisis, and Student Activism; Rose Cole, Walter F. Heinecke,Ibby Han, and NqobileMthethwa. - 12. Seeking Social Justice: Undergraduates’Engagement in Social Change and Social Justice at American ResearchUniversities; Tania D. Mitchell andKrista M. Soria. - Conclusion: Revisiting the Civic Mission of theAmerican Public Research University; Tania D. Mitchell