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From articles centering on the detailed and doctrinal exposition of the law to those which reside almost wholly within the realm of philosophical ethics, this volume affords comprehensive treatment to both sides of the philosophico-legal equation. Systematic and sustained coverage of the many dimensions of legal thought gives ample expression to the true breadth and depth of the philosophy of law, with coverage of:The modes of knowing and the kinds of normativity used in the law; Studies in international, constitutional, criminal, administrative, persons and property, contracts and tort law-i
eBook, English, 1999
Garland Pub., New York, 1999
1 online resource (950 pages)
9780203800225, 9780815313441, 0203800222, 0815313446
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Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Introduction; Subject List by Topic; Contributors; The Encyclopedia; A; Aboriginal Legal Cultures; Abortion and Infanticide; Absolute Liability; Abuse of Right; Acquisition and Transfer; The Original Acquisition of Property Rights; The Transfer of Property Rights; Act Requirement; Action and Agency; Action-based Philosophy of Law; Actus Reus; Administrative Decision Making; Admissibility; Aesthetics; Aesthetics and Legal Interpretation; Humanistic Critiques of Law; Legal Regulation of the Arts. Aesthetic Critiques of Legal WorksAffinity; African Philosophy of Law; Theoretical Trends in African Jurisprudence; African Jurisprudence and the Twenty-First Century; Agency (Mandate); Aging; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Amendment; American Jurists, 1860-1960; Analogy; Anarchist Philosophy of Law; Anselm (1033/4-1109); Anthropology; Aquinas, Thomas (1225-1274); Divine Law or Eternal Law (Lex Divina, Lex Aeterna); Positive Divine Law; Natural Law (Lex Naturalis, Ius Naturale, Rectitudo Naturalis); Law of Nations (Ius Gentium); Human (Positive) Law (Lex Humana); Arbitration. Act of Birth: The Disputants' Liberty and the Private TemptationAct of Growth: The Disputants' Constraint and the Public Temptation; Beyond the Loop: The Arbitrators' Working Principles; Argumentation; Aristotle (384-322 B.C.); Array Theory; Art; Artificial Intelligence and Networks; Asian Philosophy of Law; Asylum and Refugees; The Triple Role of Government in Asylum Policy; Use of Legal Means to Limit States' Responsibility; Attempts; Augustine (354-430); Intentionalism; Lying; Homocide and Suicide; Political Legitimacy; Punishment; Just War Theory; Austin, John (1790-1859); Authority. AutomatismAutonomy; Axiology; B; Bankruptcy; Beccaria, Cesare (1738-1794); Bentham, Jeremy (1748-1832); Betrothal; Betti, Emilio (1890-1968); Bill of Rights; Charter Rights; Blackstone, William (1723-1780); Bobbio, Norberto (1909- ); Bodenheimer, Edgar (1908-1991); Burial; Burke, Edmund (1729-1797); C; Capacity; Capital Punishment; Catholic Philosophy of Law; Causation, Criminal; Causation, Tort Law; Cause-in-Fact; Proof of Counterfactuals in Cause-in-Fact; Proximate or Legal Cause; Central and Eastern European Philosophy of Law; Chaos Theory; Character; Charter Rights; Bill of Rights. ChildrenChinese Philosophy of Law; Confucianism and Legal Philosophy; The Legalists (Fa Jia); Cultural and Philosophical Symbiosis of Confucianism and Legalism; The Present Situation; Cicero, MarcusTullius (106-43 B.C.); Citizenship and Membership; Civil Disobedience; Civil Rights; Civilian Philosophy of Law; (General) Legal Theory; Theory of Justice; Theory of Legal Science; History of the Philosophy of Law; Civility; Historical Background; Contemporary Debates; Codification; Coercion (Duress); Coherence; Collective Rights; Common Good; Common Law Philosophy of Law; Commons