Front cover image for Music, memory, resistance : calypso and the Caribbean literary imagination

Music, memory, resistance : calypso and the Caribbean literary imagination

Print Book, English, 2007
Ian Randle, Kingston, Jamaica, 2007
Criticism, interpretation, etc
xlii, 369 p. ; 23 cm
9789766372903, 976637290X
Introduction: Mapping the roots/routes of calypso in Caribbean literary and cultural traditions / Patricia J. Saunders
Eric Williams's vision for the development of Carnival / Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool
Calypso as political con/text : Reflections on the legend of Eric Williams / Louis Regis
In the battle for the emergent independence : Calypsos of decolonization / Ray Funk
Fugues, fragments and fissures : A work in progress / M. NourbeSe Philip
Carnival cannibalized or cannibal Carnivalized : Contextualizing the "cannibal joke" in Calypso and the Bacchanal connection / Earl Lovelace
Unmasking the Chantwell narrator in Earl Lovelace's fiction / Funso Aiyejina
Jamette Carnival and Afro-Caribbean influences in the work of Jean Rhys / Cynthia Davis
"Big fat fish" : The hypersexualization of the fat black woman's body in calypso and dancehall / Andrea Shaw
Men in the yard and on the street : Cricket and calypso in Indo-Caribbean literature / Claire Westall
With a tassa blending : Calypso and cultural identity in Indo-Caribbean fiction / Paula Morgan
Bop girl goes calypso : Containing race and youth culture in cold war America / Michael S. Eldridge
(Not) knowing the difference : Calypso overseas and the sound of belonging in selected narratives of migration / Jennifer Rahim
"Everybody do the dance" : The politics of uniformity in dancehall and calypso / Kezia Page