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Primitive : the art and life of Horace H. Pippin : poems

Janice N. Harrington (Author)
A lyrical and biographical reflection on the art and life of Horace H. Pippin - the best-known African American artist of his time - Primitive offers a searching critique of the condescension to African American folk art as supposedly "primitive," and it also critiques the underestimation of African American life and imagination in the broader American consciousness. Award-winning poet Janice N. Harrington connects readers to this fascinating, odds-defying artist, all while underscoring the human craving for artistic expression. (Publisher)
Print Book, English, 2016
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BOA Editions, Ltd., Rochester, NY, 2016
American poetry
104 pages ; 23 cm.
9781942683209, 1942683200
A timeline for Horace Pippin
I. Now why do I want to get up so high : Picture of the poet and Horace H. Pippin before the Perigee
II. If a man knows nothing but hard times : A primitive portrait
III. I've seen men die : Like this, like that
Night march, 369th Infantry
A canel
Finding the words
The speller
Forms and shapes
Horace Pippin's red
IV. War brought out all the art in me : Tell my heart
Losing the way, 1930
Surface, decoration
The subtlety of blue
V. You have requested an explanation of the picture : Domino players, 1943
The satisfactions of a limited view
Victorian interior, 1945
The trapper returning home, 1941
Lilies, 1941
In a painted room
Why, oh why, the doily?
White flesh
The warped table, a still life, 1940
Birmingham Meeting House
Contemplation, The art of
Newly discovered portrait of America's first black president / Horace H. Pippin (1888-1946)
VI. Now I know how you feel alone : Erotica
My wife is not home at the time
VII. Then a hand lightly layed on me
then a still voice : Blessing