Front cover image for Applications of evolutionary computation : 19th European Conference, EvoApplications 2016, Porto, Portugal, March 30-April 1, 2016, Proceedings, Part II

Applications of evolutionary computation : 19th European Conference, EvoApplications 2016, Porto, Portugal, March 30-April 1, 2016, Proceedings, Part II

The two volumes LNCS 9597 and 9598 constitute the refereed conference proceedings of the 19th European Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary Computation, EvoApplications 2016, held in Porto, Portugal, in March/April 2016, co-located with the Evo* 2016 events EuroGP, EvoCOP, and EvoMUSART. The 57 revised full papers presented together with 17 poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 115 submissions. EvoApplications 2016 consisted of the following 13 tracks: EvoBAFIN (natural computing methods in business analytics and finance), EvoBIO (evolutionary computation, machine learning and data mining in computational biology), EvoCOMNET (nature-inspired techniques for telecommunication networks and other parallel and distributed systems), EvoCOMPLEX (evolutionary algorithms and complex systems), EvoENERGY (evolutionary computation in energy applications), EvoGAMES (bio-inspired algorithms in games), EvoIASP (evolutionary computation in image analysis, signal processing, and pattern recognition), EvoINDUSTRY (nature-inspired techniques in industrial settings), EvoNUM (bio-inspired algorithms for continuous parameter optimization), EvoPAR (parallel implementation of evolutionary algorithms), EvoRISK (computational intelligence for risk management, security and defence applications), EvoROBOT (evolutionary robotics), and EvoSTOC (evolutionary algorithms in stochastic and dynamic environments)
eBook, English, 2016
Springer, Cham, 2016
1 online resource (xxvi, 329 pages) : illustrations
9783319311531, 9783319311524, 3319311530, 3319311522
Printed edition:
EvoNUM: Local Fitness Meta-Models with Nearest Neighbor Regression
Validating the Grid Diversity Operator: an Infusion Technique for Diversity Maintenance in Population-Based Optimisation Algorithms
Benchmarking Languages for Evolutionary Algorithms
On the Closest Averaged Hausdorff Archive for a Circularly Convex Pareto Front
Evolving Smoothing Kernels for Global Optimization
EvoPAR: Implementing Parallel Differential Evolution on Spark
ECJ+HADOOP: An Easy Way to Deploy Massive Runs of Evolutionary Algorithm
Addressing High Dimensional Multi-Objective Optimization Problems by Coevolutionary Islands with Overlapping Search Spaces
Compilable Phenotypes: Accelerating the Evaluation of Individuals in Grammatical Evolution
GPU Accelerated Molecular Docking Simulation with Genetic Algorithms
EvoRISK: Challenging Anti-virus Through Evolutionary Malware Obfuscation
EvoROBOT: Leveraging Online Racing and Population Cloning in Evolutionary Multirobot Systems
Multi-Agent Behavior-Based Policy Transfer
On-line Evolution of Foraging Behaviour in a Population of Real Robots
Hybrid Control for a Real Swarm Robotics System in an Intruder Detection Task
EvoSTOC: Direct Memory Schemes for Population-Based Incremental Learning in Cyclically Changing Environments
Simheuristics for the Multiobjective Nondeterministic Firefighter Problem in a Time-Constrained Setting
Benchmarking Dynamic Three-Dimensional Bin Packing Problems Using Discrete-Event Simulation
Genetic Programming Algorithms for Dynamic Environments
A Memory-Based NSGA-II Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
Hybrid Dynamic Resampling Algorithms for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization of Invariant-Noise Problems
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