Front cover image for The European Union and the Supra-religion : setting the stage for the final act? : a Biblical perspective

The European Union and the Supra-religion : setting the stage for the final act? : a Biblical perspective

Robert R. Congdon (Author), Xulon Press (Issuing body)
Over 2500 years ago God revealed through the prophet Daniel that the Roman Empire will revive as a world power prior to the return of Jesus Christ to establish His earthly, Millennial Kingdom. Inspired by Satan, this empire will be "diverse" or unique in history, uniting a supra-government with a world-wide supra-religion. In his attempt to thwart Christ's return to claim His kingdom, Satan will use this empire to persecute and nearly destroy Israel, a nation crucial to the program of God. Dr. Congdon presents a compelling case, demonstrating just how the European Union may in fact be the embryo of the restored Roman Empire. His Bible knowledge and analytical engineering background, coupled with his six-year EU residency, give him a unique perspective on world events and enable him to explore the possibility that the "stage" is being set for the final act in God's revealed plan for history. Dr. Robert Congdon is well qualified to teach on the European Union and the Bible, as he has spent many years involved internationally in industry as well as ministering in the United Kingdom and Europe. In addition to his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, he holds MDiv and Th. D. degrees in theology. Residing in the United Kingdom has given him added insight into the rapid growth of the European Union and the consequences of that growth upon modern day Christianity. -- Amazon
Print Book, English, 2007
Xulon Press, [Maitland, FL], 2007
292 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781602666795, 1602666792
Act 1. A foundational basis. Scene 1. God's plan and purpose for humanity
Scene 2. Satan's counter-plan and purpose for humanity
Scene 3. God's first earthly kingdom
Scene 4. Satan's first earthly kingdom. Act 2. The kingdoms of Scripture. Scene 1. The kingdom of Israel
Scene 2. God reveals Earth's future kingdoms. Act 3. The kingdoms of our world today. Scene 1. The grand dream of mankind's last empire
Scene 2. The European Union's neighborhood
Scene 3. The supra-national government
Scene 4. An alliance of government and religion
Scene 5. Uniting the world's religions
Scene 6. Connecting the dots of history