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Commission records, 2013

It was recommended that the configuration of registries remain the same, but that registries be given flexibility to locate outside the county shire town (not enacted as of 2016). As recommended by the commission, registers (state secretary) and county registers technological funds were set up (see MGLA c 29, sJJJ/sKKK) based on surcharges levied on registry transactions (see MGLA c 9, s 31 and c 36, s 41). Midterm and longterm recommendations included continuing work on automated access to documents and indices through an advisory group of the technological funds, foreclosure reform, and security of microfilm of pre-electronic records. Files as follows: commission members, final report including findings and recommendations (with drafts), meeting notices, agendas, and minutes, open meeting law, proposed legislation, testimony, letters to the commission, member submissions, handouts, communications, list of registries, e-recording installations, and a summary record copy of most of the preceding
Archival Material, English, 2013