Front cover image for Fighting academic repression and neoliberal education : resistance, reclaiming, organizing, and black lives matter in education

Fighting academic repression and neoliberal education : resistance, reclaiming, organizing, and black lives matter in education

Anthony J. Nocella (Editor), Erik Juergensmeyer (Editor)
"Fighting Academic Repression and Neoliberal Education is a cutting-edge investigation of the alarming state of education today. This practical how-to handbook gives readers tactics and strategies to organize and challenge forces that threaten liberatory critical education. Drawn from scholars and activists from across the world, the fifteen chapters guide readers through a strategic method of understanding the academic industrial complex and corporate education in the twenty-first century. Education is being hijacked by banks and corporations that are tearing apart the foundational fabric of academic freedom, resulting in mass standardized education and debt for all students and furthering racial inequity. This is a must-read for anyone interested in democracy, education, social justice, critical pedagogy, and Black Lives Matter."--Publisher
Print Book, English, 2017
Peter Lang, New York, 2017
xvii, 271 pages ; 24 cm.
9781433133145, 9781433133138, 1433133148, 143313313X
Introduction. A tactical toolbox for smashing academic repression / Anthony J. Nocella II and Erik Juergensmeyer
Part I. Neoliberal education
1. Striking out!: challenging academic repression in the neoliberal university through alternative forms of resistance: some lessons from the United Kingdom / Nick Clare, Gregory White, and Richard J. White
2. Academic resistance: landscape of hope and despair / Mary Heath and Peter Burdon
3. Parasites, sycophants, and rebels: resisting threats to faculty governance / Mark Seis
Part II. Resisting
4. On identity politics, ressentiment, and the evacuation of human emancipation / Camila Bassi
5. Cutting class: on schoolwork, entropy, and everyday resistance in higher education / Conor Cash and Geoff Boyce
6. Owning curriculum: megafoundations, the state, and writing programs / Erik Juergensmeyer and Sue Doe
Part III. Reclaiming
7. Bureaucratic stifling of students and faculty: reclaiming college and university campuses / Laura L. Finley
8. Reclaiming campus as an event site; a comparative discussion of student resistance tactics / Ryan Thomson
9. Interrupt, inspire, and expose: anarchist pedagogy against academic repression / John Lupinacci
Part IV. Organizing
10. One of the best contracts in the nation?: how part-time faculty organized for a collective bargaining agreement / Diana Vallera
11. Organizing adjuncts and citizenship within the academy / Sean Donaghue-Johnston and Tanya Loughead
12. On strike in the ivory tower: academic repression of labor organizing / Emil Marmol, Mary Jean Hande, and Raluca Bejan
Part V. Black Lives Matter in education
13. Racial harassment in the "postracial" era: a case of discipline and resistance in the black female body / Shannon Gibney
14. On academic repression, blackness, and storytelling as resistance / Kelly Limes-Taylor Henderson
15. Black student unions and identity: navigating oppression in higher education / Z.B. Hurst