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The pathetick musician : moving an audience in the age of eloquence

What is rhetorical music? In 'The Pathetick Musician', Bruce Haynes and Geoffrey Burgess illustrate the vital place of rhetoric and eloquent expression in the creation and performance of Baroque music
eBook, English, 2016
Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2016
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9780199373734, 9780199373772, 0199373736, 0199373779
Foreward: Aus der Tiefe (Geoffrey Burgess) AcknowledgementsList of Musical Examples and FiguresList of Audio ExamplesPreface: Pipe Dreams (Bruce Haynes) Part IIntroduction: The Eloquent Musician (BH) The Truth in Eloquence Rhetorical MusicThe Pathetick Musician'Ut pictura poesis'The Officers of RhetoricStyle CoachesFurther ReadingChapter 1: In the Realm fo the Passions (GB) Humanism and the Rhetorical EthosSeconda pratica Of Æsthetics and Beauty Autonomous Music and 'Art for Art's sake' Personally expressing passions or Passionately expressing persons?Further ReadingChapter 2: The Principles of Eloquence: The Artist's Toolbox (GB) The Offices of RhetoricStructuring RhetoricThe Sense of MusicOn the possibility of a FigurenlehreFurther ReadingChapter 3: Bach's Expressive Universe (GB) Imitation: Portraying and Evoking the World'Clear running water': Schweitzer's Legacy Figuring Bach's World Bach the Poet, Bach the PainterOnomatopoeiaLandscapes and 'Paintings of Life'Further ReadingChapter 4: Bach's Passionate Inner world (GB) General and Particular ExpressionReading Bach's PassionsFear and TremoloAntithesis: At Odds with oneselfPolyphonies of Passions: Passions in PolyphonyThe Proximity of OppositesFurther Reading Part IIChapter 5: Enhancing Eloquence in Performance (Elocutio) (GB) The 'Intentional Fallacy' Fallacy: Whose Intention? Elocutio: the Essence of Performance Practice'Humouring' the scoreTempo and AffektLight and shadow Further Reading Chapter 6: Figures: Spinning straw into gold (GB) Public Speaking, Public MusickingDeclamation as Figurative SpeechFigures as Glosses and Ornamentation Essential GracesGraces as GlossesThe Salt of Music: the Spice of DissonanceGraces as Passionate ExpressionStructuring Ornaments: Passaggi and Paraphrase Ornaments in HistoryFurther ReadingChapter 7: The expressive Gesture (GB) Audible architecture Articulating the Musical GestureThe Breath of LifeAgogics The Agogic Accent, The Agogic Pickup, The Agogic Placement, The HesitationFinding the Poetry in the NotesPause to ReflectGesture and CharacterGesturing towards the PhraseFurther ReadingChapter 8: Kairos: Expressive Timing (GB) Chronos and Kairos: Two kinds of time The metronome and the modern tendency toward Chronos The beat, or pulse in Baroque Music 'The true motion of the Bass' Tempo FluctuationBorrowed time Kairos: Isolating Musical EventsTiming in Dance MusicFurther ReadingChapter 9: To Kindle the Heart: Engagement in Performance (GB) The sovereign Audience Authentic EarsMusic in the BodyThe Meaning of Vortrag'The Unutterable Ravishing Soul's Delight'Dance: Une poësie muetteSincerity in PerformanceMental MultitaskingFurther ReadingChapter 10: Analysing Expression in Recordings of Bach's cantatas (BH) Appendix: Bibliography of the Writings of Bruce Haynes General Bibliography Index
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