Front cover image for Speculum historiale / UBU Hs. 738 (Hs 4 A 5-8)

Speculum historiale / UBU Hs. 738 (Hs 4 A 5-8)

Vincentius Bellovacensis, Kapittel van Ste Marie (Utrecht) (Former owner, Former owner)
Manuscript, Latin, 1465-1472
[Meester-Floris-huis/Fraterhuis?], [Deventer?], 1465-1472
Handschriften (vorm)
4 volumes (195, 306, 285 and 296 fols.) : historiated initial, pen-flourished initials ; 398 x 295 mm.
Preliminary title
In vol. 2 some folios are missing
The image at the beginning of vol. III (in the historiated initial) is possibly a depiction of the author
Dates are mentioned in the colophons of vols. I, II and IV. Possible localisation based on the style of the decoration
Possibly produced by the Brethren of the Common Life of SS. Mary, Gregory & Jerome (Meester-Floris-huis/Fraterhuis), Deventer