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A Curriculum Framework for Junior and Senior High Child Abuse Prevention Programs

This curriculum guide for junior and senior high child abuse prevention programs is designed for flexibility. Part 1, the introduction, discusses the goals and objectives for using the material, including designing presentations and assessing the needs of students. Part 2 provides a framework for presentations including examples of a 1-day and 5-day presentation. In part 3 background information is given for teachers regarding the dynamics of adolescent abuse and teaching abused adolescents in the classroom. Part 4 presents general facts about adolescent child abuse. Definitions and examples are given for physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect. Part 5 consists of several case stories, and part 6 discusses factors that contribute to abuse. These include: power imbalance, the home situation and society's influence. Activities are included for illustrating each of these factors. Part 7, prevention skills, contains activities and role plays. The activities are intended to build skills in the following areas: trusting your feelings; being aware of your behavior; asserting your rights; developing self-respect and respect for others; defining assertion; handling emotions; and conflict resolution. Part 8 deals with crisis counseling and personal/community resources. Part 9, reporting abuse, provides the legal definition of child abuse and neglect. Indicators of possible adolescent child abuse and the reporting process are described. Resources and references are provided. (Lll)
Microform, English, 1989
GrayMill, 1989
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129 pages