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The Eight-Year Study Revisited: Lessons from the Past for the Present

This book examines the Eight-Year Study, or "Adventure in American Education," which was a landmark experiment in curriculum reform in 30 American high schools from 1933 to 1939. The study not only investigated the college success of the graduates of the 30 schools that were engaged in revising their curricula, but also attempted to stimulate secondary schools to develop better college preparatory programs. After establishing the context for the study in an introductory chapter, the volume presents a detailed analysis, describing the lessons learned regarding the implementation of change in education. The research methodology and the pioneering work in developing instruments that were used in the study, though frequently overlooked in retrospective works, are examined at length, particularly as they relate to noncognitive components of education. Likewise, the book looks at the graduates of the 30 experimental schools and assesses how they compared in college with their paired control partners. An analysis of the state of secondary education during the 1930s is also provided. The concluding chapter reviews the major findings of the study and puts them into a middle-school perspective. It identifies 12 areas that the Eight-Year Study speaks to and how these relate to the middle-level education-reform effort. (Rjm)
Microform, English, 1998
National Middle School Association, 1998
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170 pages