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A Teaching Guide to Preventing Adolescent Sexual Abuse

This teaching guide was created for school districts and other agencies to use in developing and teaching sexual abuse prevention education programs at the secondary school level. The first section presents an eight-step approach to the development of a program at the secondary school level. The second section discusses special issues in teaching prevention education, offers suggestions for creating a classroom atmosphere conducive to discussions about a topic as sensitive as sexual abuse, and provides information to help the teacher become comfortable with the subject of sexual abuse and answer difficult questions students might ask. The third section contains 23 activities for teaching adolescents the knowledge and skills to prevent victimization. The activities are divided into seven areas: (1) facts about sexual abuse; (2) feelings; (3) personal safety skills; (4) assertiveness skills; (5) skills to prevent date rape; (6) getting help; and (7) media influences. Appendix a contains background information on sexual abuse and prevention education with a special focus on adolescents. Other appendices provide samples of reporting policies, indicators of sexual abuse, intervention and treatment processes, group processes, evaluation guidelines, and forms and lists of national resources. A selected bibliography lists resources for background information and program development, as well as curricula, books for parents, supplemental materials, and films. (Nb)
Microform, English, 1988
Network Publications, 1988
Guides - Classroom - Teacher
195 pages