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The Place of the Lion

Charles Williams (Author)
One man must save the human race from total destruction when a small British village is invaded by a terrifying host of archetypal creatures released from the spiritual world In the small English town of Smetham on the outskirts of London, a wall separating two worlds has broken down. The meddling and meditations of a local mage, Mr. Berringer, has caused a rift in the barrier between the corporeal and the spiritual, and now all hell has broken loose. Strange creatures are descending on Smethem--terrifying supernatural archetypes wreaking wholesale havoc, destruction, and death. Some residents, like the evil, power-hungry Mr. Foster, welcome the horrific onslaught. Others, like the cool and intellectual Damaris, refuse to accept what her eyes and heart tell her until it is far too late. Only a student named Anthony, emboldened by his unwavering love for Damaris, has the courage to face the horror head on. But if he alone cannot somehow restore balance to the worlds, all of humankind will surely perish in the impending apocalypse. An extraordinary metaphysical fantasy firmly based in Platonic ideals, The Place of the Lion is a masterful blending of action and thought by arguably the most provocative of the University of Oxford's renowned Inklings--the society of writers in the 1930s that included such notables as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Owen Barfield. With unparalleled imagination, literary skill, and intelligence, the remarkable Charles Williams has created a truly unique thriller, a tour de force of the fantastic that masterfully engages the mind, heart, and spirit
eBook, English, 2015
Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy, 2015
Fantasy; Religious; Occult & Supernatural
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9781504006668, 1504006666
Cover Page; Praise for the Writing of Charles Williams; Title Page; Contents; I. The Lioness; II. The Eidola and the Angeli; III. The Coming of the Butterflies; IV. The Two Camps; V. Servile Fear; VI. Meditation of Mr. Anthony Durrant; VII. Investigations into a Religion; VIII. Marcellus Victorinus of Bologna; IX. The Fugitive; X. The Pit in the House; XI. The Conversion of Damaris Tighe; XII. The Triumph of the Angelicals; XIII. The Burning House; XIV. The Hunting of Quentin; XV. The Place of Friendship; XVI. The Naming of the Beasts; About the Author; Copyright Page