Front cover image for Sexography : sex work in documentary

Sexography : sex work in documentary

A bold challenge to rethink the ways we view sex work and documentary film
eBook, English, 2017
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2017
Criticism, interpretation, etc
1 online resource
9781452953915, 1452953910
Preface. Venus: Paris is burning
Introduction: how much does it cost for cinema to tell the truth of sex?
Street talk and love: Pasolini's cinéma vérité in Comizi d'amore
Confession porn: Wkiktor Grodecki's Body without soul and Not angels but angels
Save us from saviors: reflexive feminist documentary and Shohini Ghosh's Tales of the night fairies
Grey mornings of tolerance: Cui Zi'en's Night scene and queer China, "comrade" China
Truth under the uniform: youth and sexuality in Hideaki Anno's Love & pop
Conclusion. Plot twists: live nude girls, unite!