Front cover image for And it is still that way : legends told by Arizona Indian children

And it is still that way : legends told by Arizona Indian children

American Indian children retell forty-one tribal legends in contemporary language
Print Book, English, 1998, ©1976
Cinco Puntos Press, El Paso, Tex., 1998, ©1976
83 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
9780613124416, 0613124413
Why dogs don't talk anymore
Why rattlesnake has fangs
Why coyote isn't blue
Why bears have short tails
Why dogs sniff
How the Papagos got some shade
How our people came to be
Why we have dogs in Hopi villages
The fourth world of the Hopis
Why saguaros grow on the south side of hills
Why birds live in our villages
How oceans came to be
The brave mouse
How the Yei saved the people
Mountain spirits
The maze
The eagle and the boy
Do you want to turn into a rabbit?
Seven Pima stars
Look up at the stars
The boy who became a deer
Coyote gets turkey up a tree
Coyote has to have his way
It is not good to sleep on rocks
Coyote and the money tree
How Coyote went quail hunting
The beautiful dream
When Geronimo sang
Desert snakes and desert people
When kachinas sing
Leave snakes alone
The power of birds
Be careful of falling stars
Apaches live close to nature
One who had the power of owls
We are kin to trees
Originally published: New York : Scribner, ©1976