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A history of federal crime control initiatives : 1960-1993

This history of American crime policy at the federal level compiles and examines for the first time the record of recent presidential administrations in the area of crime control--their agendas and the legislation actually enacted by the Congress.
Print Book, English, 1994
Praeger, Westport, Conn., 1994
VI, 278 Seiten.
9780275946494, 0275946495
Introduction Federal Involvement in Criminal Justice Prior to the Johnson Administration The Johnson Administration: A Continuation and Expansion of Activities from the Kennedy Years The Nixon Administration: A Shift in Federal Crime Control Policy The Ford Administration: A Continuation of Nixon, with Some Variations The Carter Administration: A Temporary Lull in Federal Criminal Justice Policy The Reagan Administration: A Return to "Law and Order" The Bush Administration: A Continuation of Reagan's Administration Conclusion: President Clinton and the Future of Federal Crime Control Policy Appendices Bibliography Index