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An intimate walk : the ultimate relationship

Print Book, English, 2005
1st ed
Dumouriez Pub., Jacksonville, Fla., 2005
159 pages ; 22 cm
9780976438731, 9780976438748, 0976438739, 0976438747
Extremely valuable yet inexpensive tools used as investments to bring tremendous rewards and benefits into your life
Build and establish the relationship that most only dream of
The universe we live in is constantly changing
The changes we make in our lives also have an affect on those around us
There are some very specific and important things that must change in order for us to progress
The positions
You can control your position, status, or place in life
Every human moves through and lives in foundational positions
Choosing the right position will determine the quality of life you live
A person's posture has a direct hand in hand relationship with his or her position in life
You can change the direction of your life by making a few adjustments
Learn to identify and break away from the things that hinder your progress
Key issues
You must possess and master these two issues
They are the keys that will open the door to ultimate relationship
Without them you will never live and walk intimately with the Father
Frame of mind
The way you think effects any endeavor you undertake
Learn what has the greatest influence on your thoughts and how to refocus your mind
Moving into position
Explore the pros and cons of all four foundational positions and how to move through them
Discover which position you occupy and which one is best for you
Morning prayer
This type of communication is vital and sincere and it takes on many different forms
Use it to set the atmosphere of your day and put you in direct contact with the most powerful and creative force in the universe
Bible readings
By using the Bible as a starting point, you will develop the ability to hear the voice of the Father anytime and anywhere
This is not just a process of reading but it also involves giving, receiving, and hearing
Journal entries
Catapult yourself and your life into a truly divine relationship by using these simple tools
Increase your level of comfort and decrease the awkwardness you have when relating with the Father
Sample journal entries included
Intimate nuggets
Equip yourself with precious and valuable chunks of knowledge that will enrich your life
These tidbits of information are priceless treasures- treasures that can be gathered and shared
Includes index