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Archaeological chemistry

"The use of chemistry in archaeology can help archaeologists answer questions about the nature and origin of the many organic and inorganic finds recovered through excavation, providing valuable information about the social history of humankind. This textbook tackles the fundamental issues in chemical studies of archaeological materials
Print Book, English, 2017
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Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK, 2017
xxii, 585 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
9781782624264, 1782624260
The Development of Archaeological Chemistry
Analytical Techniques Applied to Archaeological
Obsidian Characterization in the Eastern Mediterranean
The Geochemistry of Clays and the Provenance of Ceramics
The Chemistry, Corrosion and Provenance of Archaeological Glass
The Chemical Study of Metals
the Medieval and Later Brass Industry in Europe
The Chemistry and Use of Resinous Substances
Amino Acid Stereochemistry and the First Americans
Lead Isotope Geochemistry and the Trade in Metals
Proteins: Haemoglobin, Immunochemistry, and Proteomics
The Chemistry of Human Bone: Diet, Nutrition, Status and Mobility
The Detection of Small Biomolecules: Dairy Products in the Archaeological Record
Whiter Archaeological Chemistry?
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