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Beyondism religion from science

Since natural selection of individuals is directed toward forming a viable group, the genetic and cultural shaping of individuals must fit the survival conditions of the group.
Print Book, English, 1987
Praeger, New York, 1987
x, 325 p. ; 25 cm
9780275924317, 0275924319
Preface New Direction or Ancient Drift in the Ethical Guidance of Morality? Where Do We Go for the Source of Moral Values? Must Natural Selection Have Its Ultimate Action Among Groups, Not Individuals? What Has Group Competition To Do With Ethics, Morality, and Progress? Can We Quantify "Relative Survival" and Employ the Evidence in Evaluating and Evolving Higher Morality? What Are the Properties of Biological and Cultural Evolution, and How Do They Interact? How Are Interindividual Ethics and Selection To Be Adapted to Intergroup Selection for Survival? The Six Targets of Ethical Responsibility: What lies beyond within groups and world values? How Benign Is Nature, and How Does This Affect the Emotional Roots of Beyondist Ethics? How Can the Verdicts of Probable Relative Survival of Groups Be Reached? How Must Society Handle Individuality, Counter Cultures, Evolution, and Revolution? Culturo-Genetic Disparities: What can be done with genetic and cultural lag? What Parallelisms and Differences Exist Between the Emotional Life of Beyondism and the Revealed Religions? What Are the Created Spiritual Values of Beyondism? What Are the Implications for Genetic Social Policies: 1. As to goals? What Are Beyondism's Implications for Genetic Social Action: II. As to mechanisms? What Are Beyondism's Implications for Cultural Aims: I. As general goals? What Are Beyondism's Cultural Implications: II. Regarding political, economic and other steps? How Must Beyondism Organize? A Concise Beyondist Catechism Notes References Author Index Subject Index About the Author Tables Figures