Front cover image for Birdgirl : looking to the skies in search of a better future

Birdgirl : looking to the skies in search of a better future

Mya-Rose Craig (Author)
"Birder, environmentalist and activist Mya-Rose Craig is an international force. In her moving memoir, Birdgirl, she chronicles her mother's struggle with mental illness, and shares her passion for social justice and fierce dedication to preserving our planet. Meet Mya-Rose - otherwise known as "Birdgirl." In her words: "Birdwatching has never felt like a hobby, or a pastime I can pick up and put down, but a thread running through the pattern of my life, so tightly woven in that there's no way of pulling it free and leaving the rest of my life intact." Birdgirl follows Mya-Rose and her family as they travel the world in search of rare birds and astonishing landscapes. But a shadow moves with them, too--her mother's deepening mental health crisis. In the face of this struggle, the Craigs turn to nature again and again for comfort and meaning. Each bird they see brings a moment of joy and reflection, instilling in Mya-Rose a deep love of the natural world. But Mya-Rose has also seen first-hand the reckless destruction we are inflicting on our fragile planet, as well as the pervasive racism infecting every corner of the world, leading her to campaign for Black, Indigenous, people of color. Joining the fight of today's young environmental activists, Mya-Rose shares her experiences to advocate for the simple, profound gift of nature, and for making it accessible to all, calling her readers to rediscover the power of our natural world. Birder, activist, daughter: this is her story"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
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Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers, New York, NY, 2023
288 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9781250807670, 1250807670
My family and other birds
My little big year
The uninvited guest
My South American sojourn
The dinosaur bird
Don't mention the chimps
Voyage to the bottom of the world
California dreamin'
Here be dragons
The eighth continent