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Blake records

Print Book, English, 1969
Clarendon P., Oxford, 1969
xxviii, 678 pages, 62 plates illustrations, facsimiles, plans, portraits 23 cm
9780198116394, 019811639X
Prelude: Family and Milieu, 1714-1757
pt. I. Visionary Apprentice: A City of Gold, 1757-1779
pt. II. From Artisan to Artist, 1779-1799
pt. III. Patronage and Dependence: "The Visions Were Angry With Me", 1800-1805
pt. IV. Independence and Obscurity: "You Are Mad as a Refuge From Unbelief", 1806-1818
pt. V. Ancients and the Interpreter, 1818-1827
pt. VI. Fading Shadow, 1827-1831
Postscript: "God Protect Me from My Friends", 1831-1833