Front cover image for Censorship moments : reading texts in the history of censorship and freedom of expression

Censorship moments : reading texts in the history of censorship and freedom of expression

Geoff Kemp (Editor)
Censorship in varying forms has been part of human experience for 2,500 years and has proved itself to be a recurring presence for political thought, whether as active repression, a shaping context for expression, or as itself a subject for analysis and argument. From the death of Socrates to the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, attempts to silence thinkers and writers have provoked passionate and often penetrating responses that speak of their historical moment. Censorship Moments will provide short, accessible and stimulating access to a variety of these responses. Each chapter will couple a short textual 'moment' of writing on censorship and freedom of expression by a past writer with analysis by an expert current scholar. The book's main focus is the public political dimension of censorship, in its relation to political authority and political thought, while also reflecting on the porous boundary to literature and other areas such as law and the media. Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2015
Bloomsbury, London, 2015
xii, 208 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781472508225, 9781472512840, 147250822X, 1472512847
Cato the censor and Socrates the tyrant / Arlene W. Saxonhouse
The case of Cremutius Cordus: Tacitus on censorship and writing under despotic rulers / Daniel J. Kapust
The peace of Babylon (and what it censors): St Augustine of Hippo's City of Gold / Miles Hollingworth
The regulation of language in medieval theology: the Summa Theologica of St Thomas Aquinas / Debora Shuger
- William of Ockham on ecclesiastical censorship / Takashi Shogimen
'Whether to confiscate, burn and destroy all Jewish books': Johannes Reuchlin and the Jewish book controversy / David H. Price
To kill a heretic: Sebastian Castellio against John Calvin / Bruce Gordon
Paolo Sarpi, the papal index and censorship / Federico Barbierato
Areopagitica's adversary: Henry Parker and the Humble Remonstrance / Geoff Kemp
Text and image: William Marshall's frontispiece to the Eikon Basilike (1649) / Helen Pierce
Rara temporum felicitas: Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise / Edwin Curley
Roman censorship, Spartan parallels and modern uses in Rousseau's Social Contract / Melissa Lane
Censorship from rulers, censorship from book piracy: the strategies of Immanuel Kant / John Christian Laursen
The 'censorship of public opinion': James Madison, the Sedition Act crisis and democratic press liberty / Robert W.T. Martin
The 'spirit of independence' in Benjamin Constant's thoughts on a free press / Bryan Garsten
The Royal Shambles (1816): hiding republicanism in plain sight / Jason McElligott
Mill and censoriousness / Gregory Claeys
'Every idea is an incitement': Holmes and Lenin / Sue Curry Jansen
Orwell: liberty, literature and the issue of censorship / Stephen Ingle
Sphinx with a secret: Leo Strauss's 'Persecution and the art of writing' / Thomas Meyer
The silencing of women's voices: Catharine MacKinnon's Only Words / Katherine Smits E-book - Full-text from Bloomsbury Collections