Front cover image for Combating online health misinformation : a professional's guide to helping the public

Combating online health misinformation : a professional's guide to helping the public

Alla Keselman (Editor), Catherine Arnott Smith (Editor), Amanda J. Wilson (Editor)
"Danger of health misinformation online, long a concern of medical and public health professionals, has come to the forefront of societal concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of their motives, creators and sharers of misinformation promote non-evidence-based health advice and treatment recommendations, and often deny health methods, measures, and approaches that are supported by the best evidence of the time. Unfortunately, many infrastructural, social, and cognitive factors make individuals vulnerable to misinformation. This book aims to assist information and health professionals and educators with all phases of information provision and support, from understanding users' information needs, to building relationships, to helping users verify and evaluate sources. The book can be used as a textbook in library and information science programs, as well as nursing, communication, journalism, psychology, and informatics programs."--Page 4 of cover
Print Book, English, 2022
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, 2022
ix, 236 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm.
9781538162194, 9781538162200, 1538162199, 1538162202
Part I. The ecology of online health information. Defining health misinformation / Yuan Wang, Kathryn Thier, and Xiaoli Nan ; The ecology of online health information and COVID-19 misinformation / David R. Kaufman, Adiebonye E. Jumbo, and Tonya N. Taylor ; The health misinformation ecosystem on social media : emerging evidence and research gaps / Wen-Ying Sylvia Chou, Anna Gaysynsky, and Yuki Lama ; Flies in the ointment : vaccine hesitancy and bad medical advice during the Russian COVID-19 pandemic / Alexandra Arkhipova and Ian Brodie
Part II. Susceptibility to misinformation ; literacies as safeguards. Let the reader and viewer beware : quality markers for health information / Catherine Arnott Smith ; Preventing health number confusion through clear communication design / Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher and Jessica S. Ancker ; The case of everyday science : science literacy and resilience against health misinformation / Alla Keselman ; An examination of the multiple dimensions of public trust in science as health misinformation roadblocks / Alla Keselman and Amanda J. Wilson ; Critical cultural literacy education as a bridge to improving health disparities in BIPOC communities / Jason Alston and Nicole A. Cooke Page
Part III. Practice. When medical practice meets medical myth : confronting misinformation in the clinical encounter / Jamie L. Wood, Erin Eckert, Megan von Isenburg, Joseph Jackson, and Brian G. Southwell ; Teaching young people to think critically about health claims and choices / Sarah Rosenbaum, Allen Nsangi, and Daniel Semakula ; Medical professionals using social media to combat misinformation / Lisa Mordell, Eve Bloomgarden, Shikha Jain, and Vineet Arora ; Participation, empowerment, and equity : addressing eHealth misinformation with community engagement in libraries / Amanda J. Wilson and Laura Bartlett ; Addressing health misinformation in the infodemic era : the Alaska public health information response team / Jennifer Meyer, Joy Chavez Mapaye, Alexandra Edwards, Thomas Hennessy, Tim Hinterberger, and Mary Ryan