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Consumer culture and postmodernism

"If a society is postmodern, it must prioritize the consumption of resources in everyday life. In this view, mass media advertising and market dynamics lead us to a constant search for new fashions, new styles, new sensations, and new experiences. In this volume, Featherstone examines the idea of a postmodern society. He explores the roots of consumer culture, how it is defined and differentiated and the extent to which it represents the arrival of a "postmodern" world"--The publisher
eBook, English, 2007
SAGE Publications, London, 2007
1 online resource (PDF (xxvii, 203 s.))
9781849202329, 184920232X
Preface to the First Edition; Preface to the Second Edition; 1 Modern and Postmodern: Definitions and Interpretations; 2 Theories of Consumer Culture; 3 Towards a Sociology of Postmodern Culture; 4 Cultural Change and Social Practice; 5 The Aestheticization of Everyday Life; 6 Lifestyle and Consumer Culture; 7 City Cultures and Postmodern Lifestyles; 8 Consumer Culture and Global Disorder; 9 Common Culture or Uncommon Cultures?; 10 The Globalization of Diversity; 11 Modernity and the Cultural Question; Bibliography; Index