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Encyclopedia of food and agricultural ethics

David M. Kaplan (Editor), Paul B. Thompson (Editor)
Print Book, English, [2019]
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Springer, Dordrecht, [2019]
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Absentee Landlords and Agriculture.- Access to Land and the Right to Food.- Aesthetic Value, Art, and Food.- Africa, Food, and Agriculture.- African Food Security Urban Network (AFSUN).- Agrarianism and the Ethics of Eating.- Agricultural and Food Products in Preferential Trade Agreements.- Agricultural Cooperatives.- Agricultural Ethics.- Agricultural Science and Ethics.- Agricultural Sciences and Ethical Controversies of Biofuels.- Agriculture and Ethical Change.- Agriculture and Finance.- Agriculture of the Middle.- Alcohol Abstinence and Sobriety.- Alcohol as Food and the Good Life.- Alimentary Delinquency.- American Cuisine, Existence Of.- American Food Rhetoric.- Ancestral Cuisine and Cooking Rituals.- Animal Agriculture and Welfare Footprints.- Animal Welfare in the Context of Animal Production.- Animal Welfare: A Critical Examination of the Concept.- Aroid Production and Postharvest Practices.- Artisanal Food Production and Craft.- Asian Cuisine: Ethical Considerations.- Authenticity in Food.- Beef Production: Ethical Issues.- Biodiversity.- Biodiversity and Global Development.- Biodynamic Agriculture.- Bioethics at Purdue University.- Biofuels: Ethical Aspects.- Biopharming.- Biosecurity and Food Systems.- Biotechnology and Food Policy, Governance.- Body Image, Gender, and Food.- Brazilian Agriculture.- Brillat-Savarin and Food.- Buddhism, Cooking, and Eating.- Buddhist Perspectives on Food and Agricultural Ethics.- Canada, US-EU Beef Hormone Dispute.- Cannibalism.- Carbon Farming.- Carnism.- Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics.- Child Nutrition Guidelines and Gender.- Chinese Agriculture.- Chocolate: Ethical Dimensions.- Christian Ethics and Vegetarianism.- Christian Mysticism and Food.- Christian Perspectives on Food and Agricultural Ethics.- Christian Stewardship in Agriculture.- Christianity and Food.- Civic Agriculture.- Climate Change, Ethics, and Food Production.- Community-Supported Agriculture.- Company Identity in the Food Industry.- Conservation Agriculture: Farmer Adoption and Policy Issues.- Conventionalization Hypothesis.- Cooking Tools and Techniques: Ethical Issues.- Cooking, Food Consumption, and Globalization: Ethical Considerations.- Corporate Farms.- Corporate Social Responsibility and Food.- Cosmopolitanism, Localism and Food.- Cross-Contamination of Crops in Horticulture.- Cuban Agriculture.- Culinary Cosmopolitanism.- Culinary Tourism.- Derrida and Eating.- East European Agriculture.- Eating Disorders.- Eating Disorders and Disturbed Eating.- Eating Etiquette.- Eating and Nutrition.- Eating Invasive Species.- Eating, Feeding and the Human Life Cycle.- Eating, Feeding, and Disability.- Ecofeminist Food Ethics.- Economy of Agriculture and Food.- Ecosystems, Food, Agriculture, and Ethics.- Ecotopia.- Egg Production: Ethical Issues.- Emergency Food System: Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries.- Environmental and Animal Pragmatism.- Environmental Ethics.- Environmental Justice and Food.- Epicureanism and Food.- Equipment Sharing in Agriculture.- Escoffier.- Ethical Activism with Consideration of the Routine of Food Culture.- Ethical Assessment of Dieting, Weight Loss, and Weight Cycling.- Ethical Matrix and Agriculture.- Ethics and Food Taste.- Ethics of Agricultural Development and Food Rights in International Organizations.- Ethics of Dietitians.- Ethics of Nutrigenomics.- Ethics in Food and Agricultural Sciences.- Ethnicity, Ethnic Identity, and Food.- EU Regulatory Conflicts over GM Food.- European Cuisine: Ethical Considerations.- Expertise in Agriculture: Scientific and Ethical Issues.- Extraterritorial Obligations of States and the Right to Food.- Fair Trade in Food and Agricultural Products.- Farm Management.- Farmer Types and Motivation.- Farmers’ Markets.- Farmer-Scientist Knowledge Exchange.- Farms: Small Versus Large.- Fasting.- Feeding Children.- Food “Porn” in Media.- Food Addiction.- Food Additives and International Trade.- Food Advertising to Children: Policy, Health, and Gender.- Food Allergies: Ethical Issues.- Food and Agricultural Trade and National Sovereignty.- Food and Agriculture in Bangladesh.- Food and Choice.- Food and Class.- Food and Health Policy.- Food and Life Chances.- Food and Place.- Food and Poverty in High Income Countries.- Food Rituals.- Food and the Avant-Garde.- Food Animal Production, Ethics, and Quality Assurance.- Food Assistance and International Trade.- Food Boycotts.- Food Culture and Chefs.- Food Deserts.- Food Ethics and Policies.- Food in Ancient Indian Philosophy.- Food Labeling.- Food Legislation and Regulation: EU, UN, WTO and Private Regulation.- Food Miles.- Food Not Bombs.- Food Preparation, Cooking, and Ritual in Judaism.- Food Riots, Historical Perspectives.- Food Risk Communication.- Food Risks.- Food Safety.- Food Security.- Food Security and International Trade.- Food Security and Rural Education.- Food Security in Systemic Context.- Food Standards.- Food Waste.- Food Waste and Consumer Ethics.- Food Worlds, Film, and Gender.- Food, Agriculture, and Trade Organizations.- Food, Class Identity, and Gender.- Food’s Purposes.- Food-Body Relationship.- Foucault and Food.- Free Trade and Protectionism in Food and Agriculture.- Functional Foods.- Functional Foods as Commodities.- Functional Foods, Marketing of.- Gender and Dieting.- Gender Inequality and Food Security.- Gender Norms and Food Behavior.- Gender, Obesity, and Stigmatization.- Geographic Indications.- Geographical Indications, Food, and Culture.- Gluttony.- GM Food, Nutrition, Safety, and Health.- GMO Food Labeling.- Grocery Store Design.- Gustatory Pleasure and Food.- Hazon.- Herbicide-Resistant Crops.- Hinduism and Food.- Home Gardening.- Homesteading.- Horticultural Therapy.- Hospitality and Food.- Human Ecology and Food.- Human Rights and Food.- Humane Slaughter Association.- Hunting.- Hybridity in Agriculture.- In Vitro Meat.- Industrial Food Animal Production Ethics.- Industrialized Slaughter and Animal Welfare.- Infant Feeding.- Informed Food Choice.- Institute Technology-Theology-Natural Sciences (TTN), Munich.- Institutional Food Service.- Intellectual Property and Food.- Intellectual Property Rights and Trade in the Food and Agricultural Sectors.- International Food Quality Standards.- Islam and Food.- Islam and Food and Agricultural Ethics.- Jainism and Food.- Jefferson’s Moral Agrarianism.- Judaism and Food.- Kristeva and Food.- Land Acquisitions for Food and Fuel.- Law and Regulatory Mechanisms for Food and Agriculture Research.- Literature, Food, and Gender.- Local and Regional Food Systems.- Local Food Procurement.- Marketing, Food Policy, Diet, and Health.- Meat: Ethical Considerations.- Medicalization of Eating and Feeding.- Metaphysics of Natural Food.- Molecular Gastronomy.- Montaigne and Food.- Multifunctional Agriculture.- Multifunctionality of Agriculture and International Trade.- Multilateral Trade Organizations, Food, and Agriculture.- NAFTA and the Food and Agricultural Industries.- Nanotechnology in Agriculture.- National Courts and the Right to Food.- Natural Food.- Nietzsche and Food.- Obesity and Consumer Choice.- Obesity and Responsibility.- Occupational Risks in Agriculture.- Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.- Permaculture.- Pest Control.- Peter Singer and Food.- Plant-Based Diets and Scientific Value Judgments.- Plato and Food.- Political Agronomy.- Political Consumerism: Consumer Choice, Information, and Labeling.- Population Growth.- Pork Production: Ethical Issues.- Poverty and Basic Needs.- Pregnancy and Food.- Private Food Governance.- Provision of Agricultural Ecosystem Services.- Public Institutional Foodservice.- Punishment and Food.- Race, Racial Identity, and Eating.- Recipes.- Resource Conflict, Food, and Agriculture.- Responsible Innovation in the Food Sector.- Restaurant Reviewing.- Restaurant Workers.- Right to Food in International Law.- Rousseau and Food.- Saving Seeds.- School Lunch and Gender.- Seed Banking, Seed Saving, and Cultivating Local Varieties.- Slash-and-Burn Agriculture.- Slow Food.- Sub-Saharan African Agriculture.- Substantial Equivalence.- Sustainability and Animal Agriculture.- Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption.- Sustainable Consumption and Gender.- Synthetic Biology and Biofuels.- Synthetic Meat.- Systemic Ethics to Support Well being.- Taste, Distaste, and Food.- Technologies used for Animal Breeding, Ethical Issues.- Telos and Farm Animal Welfare.- The 2003–2006 WTO GMO Dispute: Implications for the SPS Agreement.- Trade and Development in the Food and Agricultural Sectors.- Trade Policies and Animal Welfare.- Trade Policies and Organic Food.- Transgenic Crops.- Urban Agriculture.- Vegetarianism.- Vertical Farms in Horticulture.- Vertical Integration and Concentration in US Agriculture.- Virtue Theory, Food, and Agriculture.- War and Food.- Waste and Food.- Water, Food, and Agriculture.- WTO Dispute Settlement and Food and Agricultural Trade.- You Are What You Eat.- Youth Food Activism.
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