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Future ethics

Cennydd Bowles (Author)
Based on Cennydd's years of research and consulting, Future Ethics transforms modern ethical theory into practical advice for designers, product managers, and software engineers alike. Cennydd uses the three lenses of modern ethics to focus on some of the tech industry's biggest challenges: unintended consequences and algorithmic bias, the troubling power of persuasive technology, and the dystopias of surveillance, autonomous war, and a post-work future
Print Book, English, 2018
NowNext Press, East Sussex, United Kingdom, 2018
x, 228 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781999601911, 1999601912
Trouble in paradise
Do no harm?
Persuasive mechanisms
The data deluge
Seeing through new eyes
You have twenty seconds to comply
Software is heating he world
No Cash, no jobs, no hope
A new tech philosophy