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Gaia a new look at life on earth

Gaia, in which James Lovelock puts forward his inspirational and controversial idea that the Earth functions as a single organism, with life influencing planetary processes to form a self-regulating system aiding its own survival, is now a classic work that continues to provoke heated scientific debate.
Print Book, English, 2016
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Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2016
XXV, 148 Seiten Illustrationen, Diagramme 20 cm
9780198784883, 9780192176653, 0198784880, 019217665X
Preface 1: Introductory 2: In the beginning 3: The recognition of Gaia 4: Cybernetics 5: The contemporary atmosphere 6: The sea 7: Gaia and Man: the problem of pollution 8: Living within Gaia 9: Epilogue Definitions and explanations of terms Further reading
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