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High-performing self-managed work teams : a comparison of theory to practice

`This book is a must for scholars and practitioners interested in managing work teams in organizations.... Yeatts and Hyten have written an excellent reference work. The book synthesizes a wealth of prior research into a testable model of Self-Managed Work Team performance′ - Management Learning
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THEORETICAL FRAMEWORKS FOR UNDERSTANDING THE PERFORMANCE OF SELF-MANAGED WORK TEAMSThe Classical and Human Relations TheoriesSystems Theories and the Emergence of the Socio-Technical and SMWT PerspectivesContingency Theories The Importance of Individual, Technical and Environmental DifferencesContemporary Theories Explaining SMWT PerformanceDevelopment of a Theoretical Framework To Explain SMWT PerformanceTHE WORK PROCESS: ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK WITH EFFORT, TALENT, PROCEDURES AND RESOURCESEffort Placed Directly on the WorkTHE INTERPERSONAL PROCESS: THE 6 Cs PLUS TRUSTCommunication and CoordinationCooperation, Collaboration and ConflictCohesion and TrustInterpersonal Processes between the Team and OthersTHE ENVIRONMENT SURROUNDING THE SMWT WITHIN AND OUTSIDE THE ORGANIZATIONThe Organization′s Philosophy, Culture and Its Mission for the SMWTsPerformance Appraisal and Assessment SystemsThe Reward SystemTypes of RewardsEducation and Training SystemsInformation SystemsManagement Support, Encouragement and RolesUnion, Customer, Supplier and Ancillary Support within the OrganizationThe Environment outside the OrganizationTEAM MEMBER CHARACTERISTICSTalents, Values, Needs, Interests and PrejudicesPersonality and Demographic CharacteristicsTEAM DESIGN CHARACTERISTICSTeam Goals and Job DesignTeam Size and CompositionRoles of Self-Managed TeamsDecision-Making Methods and ProcessesTeam Leader Roles and Responsibilities Tabla de contenido