Front cover image for Human performance in automated and autonomous systems. Emerging issues and practical perspectives

Human performance in automated and autonomous systems. Emerging issues and practical perspectives

Mustapha Mouloua (Editor), Peter A. Hancock (Editor)
"Human Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems: Emerging Issues and Practical Perspectives covers a wide array of applied topics of practical significance. Our first volume in this series examined various theories and methods regarding core areas of automation technology. This second volume is devoted to the examination of emerging practical issues related to automated and autonomous systems. The topics included here cover a wide variety of human-machine systems ranging from medical technologies and process control, to self-driving vehicles. The systems further range from drones to automated mines, to widespread application of automation in robotics, in education, in health care, in entertainment, and cyber security. The present contents highlight the significance of these emerging technologies that determine the course of our daily lives. This book also depicts the boundaries that separate humans from machine as we continue to become ever more immersed in and symbiotic with these fast-emerging technologies. Here, we recognize the need for a human-centered approach to design; a carefully crafted automated technology that places the "human user" in the center of any design process. To this end, the present volume applies scientific theory directly to real world applications where automation and autonomous technology is implemented. This book highlights human factors and engineering issues across real-world applications, concerning emerging issues and practical perspectives on human performance in automated and autonomous systems. It covers cross-domain principles and implementation. It also shows how context drives automation and autonomy decisions in both design and operations"-- Provided by publisher
eBook, English, 2020
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL, 2020
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9780429458323, 9780429857393, 0429458320, 042985739X
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