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Leadership and personal development : a toolbox for the 21st century professional

Modern business leaders are just too aware of how much the world has changed in the last decades and continues to do so. It is little wonder then that even the best of us can feel overwhelmed by the many demands we now face in our working and private lives. Summarizing the knowledge and experiences of three experts in the field, and offering practical insights from specialists around the world, this book offers a new approach to leadership and personal development by focusing on the links between these two areas. The good old times of planning one's development in a linear, step-by-step fashion over a lifetime are over. While recognizing that there are different learning styles and personality types, the authors present a more proactive, flexible and emergent approach to your development. Topics such as sustainability, complexity and creativity are considered key issues that should play a role in not only developing a positive, future society, but also in refining the current and future you. This modern approach will give you a cutting-edge advantage in our fast changing world. [...] This book should be considered an attempt to equip you with new levels of thinking and new skill sets to make you more successful at leading and developing yourself and others in a variety of contexts. With structured activities and proven techniques from people who have successfully applied the lessons found in this book, Leadership and Personal Development, A toolbox for the 21 century professional, you will be armed with an effective approach to development." --Publisher description
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viii, 373 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
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Exploring your strengths / Katja Kruckeberg
Understanding your personality
Personal and organizational values / Helen Stride
Discovering your emotional capabilities / Mike Green
Self-leadership : circles of life / Katja Kruckeberg
Self-coaching and learning / Chris Dalton
Creating your personal vision / Mike Green and Katja Kruckeberg
Communicating more effectively / Franklin De Vrede and Katja Kruckeberg
Advanced facilitation skills / Claire Collins
Polish your coaching skills / Patricia Bossons and Denis Sartain
How to build a network that works / Didier Gonin
Building relationships and working in teams across cultures / Erich Barthel
Relational aspects of coaching and communication / Claire Collins
Systemic leadership / Daniel Pinnow
Stepping into your leadership roles / Mike Green
Leading in a virtual environment / Inger Buus
Leading more effectively through feedback / Phil Cullens
Complexity skills / Wolfgang Amann, Christoph Nedopil, and Ulrich Steger
Crisis management skills / Wolfgang Amann and Shiban Khan
Creativity skills for the 21st century professional / Mike Green, Katja Kruckeberg, and Wolfgang Amann
Conclusions / Wolfgang Amann, Katja Kruckeberg, and Mike Green