Front cover image for News Research for Better Newspapers, Volume Five

News Research for Better Newspapers, Volume Five

The findings of research studies that come from a variety of sources and concern newspapers, some aspects of television news, and news media audiences are summarized briefly. Among the topics are audience characteristics, content of stories, readership, headlines and makeup, editorial policy, and editorial administration and personnel. Most of the studies are surveys. Some compare newspapers and other media, particularly television. Among the most frequent topics are ascertaining how much readers know about current news subjects, determining teenagers' use of newspapers and television news programs, and learning how much exposure blacks have to news stories. One study suggests that newspapers may be better than textbooks for teaching problem students. Another reveals that only three out of eight teenagers watch television newscasts. The sections reporting research dealing with credibility, the responsibilities of newspapers, and the characteristics (primarily attitudes) of newsmen are new to this fifth volume and reflect recent changes in the direction of news research. (JK)
Book, 1971
American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation, 750 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017 ($3.00), 1971