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Perry's chemical engineers' handbook

Reference work for chemical and process engineers. Newest developments, advances, achievements and methods in various fields
Print Book, English, ©1997
McGraw-Hill, New York, ©1997
1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations ; 27 cm
9780070498419, 9781591242789, 9780071154482, 9780071159821, 9780071355407, 0070498415, 1591242789, 0071154485, 0071159827, 0071355405
Conversion factors and mathematical symbols / James O. Maloney
Physical and chemical data / Peter E. Liley [and others]
Mathematics / Bruce A. Finlayson [and others]
Thermodynamics / Hendrick C. Van Ness, Michael M. Abbott
Heat and mass transfer / James G. Knudsen [and others]
Fluid and particle dynamics / James N. Tilton
Reaction kinetics / Stanley M. Walas
Process control / Thomas F. Edgar [and others]
Process economics / F.A. Holland, J.K. Wilkinson
Transport and storage of fluids / Meherwan P. Boyce
Heat-transfer equipment / Richard L. Shilling [and others]. Psychrometry, evaporative cooling, and solids drying / Charles G. Moyers, Glenn W. Baldwin
Distillation / J.D. Seader, Jeffrey J. Siirola, Scott D. Barnicki
Gas absorption and gas-liquid system design / James R. Fair [and others]
Liquid-liquid extraction operations and equipment / Lanny A. Robbins, Roger W. Cusack
Adsorption and ion exchange / M. Douglas LeVan, Giorgio Carta, Carmen M. Yon
Gas-solid operations and equipment / Mel Pell, James B. Dunson
Liquid-solid operations and equipment / Donald A. Dahlstrom [and others]
Solid-solid operations and equipment / Kalanadh V.S. Sastry [and others]
Size reduction and size enlargement / Richard L. Snow [and others]
Handling of bulk solids and packaging of solids and liquids / Grantges J. Raymus. Alternative separation processes / Joseph D. Henry, Jr. [and others]
Chemical reactors / Stanley M. Walas
Biochemical engineering / Henry R. Bungay
Waste management / Louis Theodore [and others]
Process safety / Stanley M. Englund [and others]
Energy resources, conversion, and utilization / Walter F. Podolski [and others]
Materials of construction / Oliver W. Siebert, John G. Stoecker
Process machinery drives / Heinz P. Bloch [and others]
Analysis of plant performance / Colin S. Howat