Front cover image for Photographs, 1946-1985 (Inclusive Dates)

Photographs, 1946-1985 (Inclusive Dates)

The photograph collection of the Fellowship Commission contains general organizational materials of meetings and functions related to the Commission. There are a broad variety of local politicians, church leaders, businessmen, and social activists represented within the collection. Each folder heading contains information about the local, national or international personalities who appeared for awards or special events at the Commission. Noted personalities include Betty Barnes, Leonard Bernstein, Ralph Bunche, Shirley Chisholm, Joseph S. Clark, Jr., Contance Clayton, Helen O. Dickens, Alfred E. Driscoll, Julius Erving, Maurice B. Fagan, Walter B. Flagg, W. Wilson Goode, Albert M. Greenfield, Richard Hatcher, John Hersey, Charlton Heston, Paul Gray Hoffman, Langston Hughes, Hubert Humphrey, Jacob Javits, Robert F. Kennedy, Otto Kerner, Coretta Scott King, W. Thacher Longstreth, Joe Louis, Malcolm X, James Michener, Juanita Moore, Edward R. Murrow, Majorie Penny, Sidney Poitier, A. Philip Randolph, E. Washington Rhodes, Frank Rizzo, Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Williard Rouse, Carl Sandburg, William Scranton, Eric Sevaraid, Rudy Vallee, Alice Walker, Mike Wallace, Roy Wilkins, Shelly Winters, and Whitney Young, Jr
Archival Material, English, 1946