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Primary readings in philosophy for understanding theology

Diogenes Allen (Editor), Eric O. Springsted (Editor)
Knowledge of key philosophic terms or concepts is vital to the understanding of many issues in Christian theology. Diogenes Allen's book Philosophy for Understanding Theology explores such terms and concepts and their relationship to theology. This new anthology, edited by Allen and Eric Springsted, provides primary texts undergirding that...
Print Book, English, 2010
[Lightning Source UK Ltd.] ; Gracewing ; Westminster/John Knox Press, [Milton Keynes UK], Leominster, England, Louisville, Ky., 2010
vii, 308 pages ; 20 cm
9780664252083, 9780852442296, 0664252087, 0852442297
The sun, the line, and the cave ; Creation / Plato
Substance and its predicates ; Nature and the four causes ; Motion ; The unmoved mover / Aristotle
The ontological argument / St. Anselm
The existence of God ; The doctrine of analogy / St. Thomas Aquinas
Certainty of self and God / René Descartes
Ideas / John Locke
Of miracles / David Hume
Pure reason and the question of God / Immanuel Kant
Lordship and bondage / G.W.F. Hegel
Objective and subjective Christianity / Søren Kierkegaard
The understanding of other persons and their life-expressions / Wilhelm Dilthey
Theses on Feuerbach / Karl Marx
The way back into the ground of metaphysics / Martin Heidegger
The exemplary significance of legal hermeneutics / Hans-Georg Gadamer
The university discussion / Antony Flew
Lectures on religious belief / Ludwig Wittgenstein
First published in the British Commonwealth in 1992 by Gracewing