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Primate visions : gender, race, and nature in the world of modern science

Donna Jeanne Haraway (Author)
"What counts as nature in the late twentieth century? How do we create scientific disciplines and histories of science? How are the issues of race and gender written into the ways we imagine the natural world? Why do we study animals? These fundamental questions are at the heart of primatology - the study of monkeys and apes - in the twentieth century. In Primate Visions historian of biology Donna Haraway builds the primate story - our scientific understanding of apes, monkeys, and humans - and explains its multi-cultural roots, its myths, its relation to gender and race"--Verso Books website
Print Book, English, 1989
Routledge, New York, 1989
ix, 486 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780415901147, 9780415902946, 0415901146, 0415902940
Introduction: The persistence of vision
Part 1: Monkeys and monopoly capitalism : primatology before World War II. Primate colonies and the extraction of value ; Teddy bear patriarchy : taxidermy in the Garden of Eden, New York City, 1908-36 ; A pilot plant for human engineering : Robert Yerkes and the Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology, 1924-42 ; A semiotics of the naturalistic field : from C.R. Carpenter to S.A. Altmann, 1930-55
Part 2: Decolonization and multinational primatology. Re-instituting western primatology after World War II ; Apes in Eden, apes in space : mothering as a scientist for National Geographic ; Remodeling the human way of life : Sherwood Washburn and the new physical anthropology, 1950-1980 ; Metaphors into hardware : Harry Harlow and the technology of love ; The bio-politics of a multicultural field
Part 3: The politics of being female : primatology is a genre of feminist theory. Women's place is in the jungle ; Jeanne Altmann : time-energy budgets of dual career mothering ; Linda Maria Fedigan : models for interventions ; Adrienne Zihlman : the paleoanthropology of sex and gender ; Sarah Blaffer Hrdy : investment strategies for the evolving portfolio of primate females ; Reprise : science fiction, fictions of science, and primatology
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