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Production of legal rules

This thorough and detailed book provides a comprehensive analysis of the various ways in which laws and rules are produced and lays the foundations for a systematic understanding of lawmaking as a production process.
Print Book, English, c 2011
[2. ed.]
Elgar, Cheltenham, c 2011
Encyclopedia of law and economics / general ed.: Gerrit De Geest, vol. 7, / general ed.: Gerrit De Geest ; Vol. 7
IX, 431 Seiten
9781848440326, 1848440324
Contents:IntroductionPART I: LEGISLATION AND REGULATION1. Constitutional Design of LawmakingStefan Voigt2. General Characteristics of RulesLouis Kaplow3. Rules versus StandardsBarbara Luppi and Francesco Parisi4. The Optimal Timing of LawmakingNita Ghei5. Production of Legal Rules by Agencies and BureaucraciesGeorg von WangenheimPART II: JUDGE-MADE LAW6. Judge-made LawPaul H. Rubin7. Common Law and Economic Efficiency Todd J. Zywicki and Edward Peter Stringham8. Bias in the Common LawJef De Mot9. Legal Traditions and Economic Performance: Theory and EvidenceCarmine GuerrieroPART III: SOCIAL NORMS AND CUSTOMS10. The Focal Point Theory of Expressive LawRichard H. McAdams11. Countervailing Norms Emanuela Carbonara, Francesco Parisi and Georg von Wangenheim12. Social Stigma Michael Faure and Laarni Escresa13. Self-regulationAnthony Ogus and Emanuela Carbonara PART IV: INTERNATIONAL LAW14. International Law as a Source of LawPaul B. Stephan15. International TreatiesVincy Fon16. Customary International Law Jef De Mot, Vincy Fon and Francesco Parisi17. International Organization: Institutions and Order in World PoliticsAlexander Thompson and Duncan Snidal PART V: FEDERALISM, LEGAL HARMONIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT18. Federalism Robert P. Inman and Daniel L. Rubinfeld19. Legal HarmonizationEnrico Baffi and Paolo Santella20. Forum Shopping and the Evolution of Rules of Choice of LawNita Ghei21. The Law and Economics of Regulatory CompetitionJonathan Klick22. Growth-oriented Legal ReformsRobert Cooter and Hans-Bernd SchäferIndex
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