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Small and decentralized wastewater management systems

To aid in the planning, analysis, and design of the needed wastewater management systems, design data and information are summarized and presented in more than 300 tables and seven appendixes. To illustrate the principles and facilities involved in the field of wastewater management, over 570 illustrations, graphs, and diagrams are included. Finally, approximately 100 detailed, solved examples are included to enhance the understanding of the material contained in this textbook
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Small and decentralized wastewater management systems: an overview
Constituents in wastewater
Fate of wastewater constituents in the environment
Introduction to process analysis and design
Wastewater pretreatment operations and processes
Alternative wastewater collection systems
Biological treatment and nutrient removal
Lagoon treatment systems
Wetlands and aquatic treatment systems
Land treatment systems
Intermittent and recirculating packed-bed filters
Effluent repurification and reuse
Effluent disposal for decentralized systems
Biosolids and septage management
Management of decentralized wastewater systems